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Can you use cotton fabric for lining

what is cotton lining fabric

Cotton lining fabric is made of cotton fiber through a certain process, it has the following advantages:

1. Strength: The textiles made of this fiber are stronger and firmer, and have better wear resistance. The strength of cotton lining is higher than that of rayon lining and weaker than that of polyester lining.

2. Elasticity: The cotton lining fabric is basically inflexible, so the cotton lining is easy to wrinkle.

3. Hygroscopicity: The hygroscopicity and air permeability of cotton lining fabrics are very good lining fabrics, because cotton fibers are composed of porous substances, and there are many hydrophilic structures in the molecules, so they are very strong. The moisture absorption effect; the inner fabric made of cotton fiber is also very soft and comfortable.

4. Warmth: The warmth of the cotton fabric is also particularly good. The cavity of the cotton fiber is filled with air, and the air does not flow, so it seems that there is a layer of heat insulation, and it is made of it. The inner fabric isolates the heat inside, so as to achieve thermal insulation.

5. Dye ability: The chemical properties of the cotton lining are relatively stable, the coloring performance is good, the dyeing color is bright, the color spectrum is complete, and it can be matched with fabrics of various colors.

6. Other properties: The acid resistance of cotton lining is very weak, but it has strong resistance to alkali, and the disadvantage is that it will expand laterally. Cotton fibers can be mercerized with chemicals, heat resistance and light resistance of cotton lining Performance is relatively good.

cotton lining fabric


What is silk cotton lining fabric?

Silk cotton lining fabric is a kind of cotton fabric with 100% mulberry silk as raw material, the full name is "silk cotton", it has the following advantages:

1. Excellent dye performance,

2. Comfortable, the silk fabric is composed of silk and has a smooth surface, so the touch is particularly soft,

3. Moisture absorption and release, at normal temperature, it can help the skin to maintain a certain amount of moisture, without making the skin too dry, and it makes people feel cool in summer,

4. Anti-ultraviolet.

silk cotton lining fabric


lightweight cotton lining fabric

lightweight cotton lining fabric have very thin material ,which provide the follow good advantages:

1. Light weight, easy to dry after absorbing water

2. Breathable and comfortable.

3. Soft, suitable for close-fitting fabrics.
lightweight cotton lining fabric

stretch cotton lining fabric

The elastic cotton lining fabric is also a stretchy grey fabric. By adding elastic yarn, the grey fabric has greater elasticity

Stretch cotton lining fabric features

1. Small extensibility, good dimensional stability, thick and scratchy, can quickly recover after deformation, not easy to wrinkle and crease

2. There will be no sense of restraint, and the clothes are very comfortable whether they are close-fitting or outside

       3. Soft to the touch, clear lines, beautiful and easy to wear.

stretch cotton lining fabric


100 cotton curtain lining fabric

Curtain lining is a thin layer of cloth used to block light and prevent UV rays. Curtain interlinings are made of pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and can also be woven from a variety of raw materials.

100 cotton curtain interlining has: soft texture, good hand feeling, natural, elegant, strong sense of hierarchy.

100 cotton curtain lining fabric


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