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how to make how to make Face Mask step by step the complete guide

how to make how to make Face Mask step
by step the complete guide

In summer, the weather is hot, and the masks are used up and thrown away? Why not make a Face Mask yourself!

It can be made with cotton fabric, and it can be done in a few minutes. The cotton face mask can be used many times, which is safe and environmentally friendly. 

masks Step 1 Prepare materials for sewing face mask

Prepare materials:

1.According to the drawing (printed on A4 paper 1:1), cut out two pieces of surface cloth, lining cloth, and two pieces of pocket cloth. When cutting, pay attention to the left and right direction of the pattern.

2. Prepare two 18cm long elastic bands.

soft masks
new masks

 Step 2 stitched fabric

First sew the line with the arc in the middle. After stitching, split the seam allowance of the cotton cloth and press two decorative lines on both sides of the stitching line.

pretty masks

cute masks

DIY masks

Step 3 fix elastic band

Fold the pocket cloth inward by 1cm, fold it twice in total, and sew it with a seam allowance of 0.5cm.

handmade masks

cotton masks
 Step 4 Combination fabric pieces

Combination of fabrics:

1.Turn the seam allowance of the pocket cloth and the lining cloth to one side, align the seam allowance lines, and fix them with clips.

sewing masks

sewing masks

cool masks 

 2.Place the outer cloth on the bottom layer, that is, the pocket cloth is sandwiched between the outer cloth and the inner cloth, align the seam lines, and fix it with a clip and a bead needle.

3.As shown in the picture, three layers are stacked together, the edge of the outer ring is sewn, the seam allowance is 0.5cm, and the return opening is left on one short side without sewing.
homemade masks

creative masks

women's masks

 Step 5 Fabric back seam

After sewing, turn the fabric from the return to the front, iron it flat with an iron, fold the return seam inward by 0.5cm, and sew the return seam.
soft DIY masks

pretty handmade masks

 Step 6 Adjust the length of the elastic band

Fold both sides of the mask inward by 0.7cm, insert a 0.4cm wide elastic band into the crease, adjust the length of the elastic band according to the face shape, fix it with clips and then sew.

soft cotton masks

new sewing masks

 Step 7  Face Mash finish

After sewing, the face mask is finished.

pretty sewing masks

pretty homemade masks

 The face mask is done. If you need diy small batch face mash, please leave us a message below or send us email via [email protected].


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