How do you sew jersey knit? Do you purchase jersey knitting patterns online? Do you ever received an incredible jersey knit fabric that works beautifully for baby carrying wrap,100% cotton, soft, stretchy, and easy to work with? Here in you will find all what your Jersey material for custom sewing.

Jersey knit is kind of kniting needles with all loops meshing in the same direction, also called as plain kint.

For the knitting material in various  jersey knitting patterns, generally contain cotton, spandex, rayon and others. Some jersey knit fabric will provides light weight that will suitable for T-shirt, but take care if it see through. For more heavy weight jersey knit fabric, you will need the double knitted jersey(interlock jersey), but it will be a less stretchy jersey knit comapred with single knit. The interlock jersey is used widely in Polo-shirts replacement of piqué knit.

Here in our factory we have the following jersey knit collections:Single jersey, Double jersey, Interlock jersey, Jacquard jersey and Stretch jersey. If you didn't find it online in our jersey websit section, please check with our guys.

So far as our know, the customer purchase our jersey knit fabric in following applications, if you do so, then the fabrics will be fit your project also, happay purchase, happay sew!

customer application cases: jerse knit for baby carrying wrap, turbans, Jersey knit dress, face mask, button down shirt, duvet cover, blanket, sheets, pillowcase, pants, shorts, head wrap.